A Bing pillow

Bing users are getting more social content in their search results today. The Microsoft search engine introduced Quora results to its “social sidebar,” which shows users answers to questions already posed about a keyword.

Bing introduced its new social search in May, not long after Google also introduced its “Search Plus Your World,” feature, which lets you see Google+ results pertaining to a keyword, such as photos and profiles, in line with regular search results. Bing’s social search is slightly different and focuses on interacting with friends about your keyword.

Quora fits into this well, as it’s a question-and-answer website on which people post queries in the hopes of hearing the answer from a real expert in the social network. Relevant Quora friends appear in the “People Who Know” section, and Bing searchers can see all the answers they’ve submitted based on that keyword.

The search engine identifies people for the “People Who Know” section by seeing if a keyword shows up on a friend’s social profiles. As relevant friend, your content shows up in the search results, and those searching can contact you through Bing’s sidebar. If I searched for hotels in Madrid, I would see that my friend Sean just added pictures of his trip to Madrid on his Facebook. I could then ask him for advice on where’s the best place to stay.

Bing social search includes results from Facebook and Quora and is working with Foursquare, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Bing pillow image via betsyweber/Flickr