Shoot Many Robots

Citing a “mutual hatred of trees and robots,” Demiurge Studios (the developer behind Shoot Many Robots, and its sequel, Shoot Many Robots: Arena Kings) has announced that it’s working with Owlchemy Labs, the creators of Jack Lumber, to develop an iOS game.

While little is known about the project, Owlchemy made a point in the statement it released to mention its “scientific expertise” as well as Demiurge’s “appreciation for scientific expertise.” So maybe this has something to do with science?

Or, given the track record of these two developers (which includes, in Owlchemy’s case, releasing a game about transporting illegal immigrants across the border into America and then replacing them with cute animals when people complained enough), perhaps they were just being wacky. It’s really difficult to tell at this point.

But the smart money is on wacky.