The Girlfriend Mode

Custom-gamepad manufacturer Evil Controllers recently introduced the ability for customers to create visual mock-ups of their ideal joysticks. The create-a-controller tool offers up billions of possible combinations that serve a variety of player needs.

Sports fans can gussy up their ‘pad with the colors of their favorite teams. Competitive gamers can add specialized modifications, like rapid-fire and auto-run, that aid in first-person shooters. Others can just make an Xbox 360 controller that has a layout similar to Sony’s DualShock 3 — if that’s what they’re into.

Evil Controllers has provided customized controllers since 2007, though, it is probably most well-known for its work with disabled gamers. Due to certain physical conditions, some people can’t use (or even hold) a standard input device. The Evil team has introduced several products targeted primarily at this community.

“We get hundreds of emails a week for gamers who require more complex customization,” Evil Controllers’ public relations head, Carlos Reyes told GamesBeat. “For gamers who have mobility issues that keep them from putting their hands too close together, we made fully functional controllers that are split in half.”

Reyes said that many of these players started gaming on the Wii. The Nintendo system’s separate Wiimote and Nunchuck setup had allowed for these individuals to try games for the first time.

“Many of these gamers want to move on to more ‘core’ experiences, so we created a split 360 controller,” Reyes said.

Right now, Evil is focusing on making unique and useful controllers for everyone. We took some time and played around with the company’s create-a-controller tool, and the result is a bunch of handsome gaming-input devices…or monstrosities that no one would want to be seen holding. We’ll let you decide. Take a look.

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