G.I. Joe and Barbie just don’t cut it anymore, unless G.I. Joe is a computer-generated image operating in a virtual world, and Barbie is a digital teacher with a stockpile of tools to make multiplication more fun.

Kids these days demand technology, which is why Fuhu Inc, a creator of kid-friendly technology products, announced today it has raised $10 million.

The funding will go toward expanding Fuhu’s products and services. Fuhu’s flagship product is the nabi tablet, an Android tablet made especially for kids. The device has “kiddified” web-browsing capabilities, educational games, and entertainment options. It is built to endure and adapt as kids grow up (they do that), and can also be transitioned into a fully functioning tablet for Mommy and Daddy.

Fuhu released nabi 2 last month, pimped out (can I say that in an article that refers to kids?) with enhanced graphics, a wide range of learning and entertainment options, and a host of tools that parents will love. The nabi 2 contains more than 2,500 lessons that relate to a state-standardized curriculum. It is also equipped with analytics so parents can monitor their kids’ work. Furthermore, the tablet features a Chore List app, which parents can use to assign tasks and offer rewards when they are completed.

Another Fuhu product is Fooz Kids, an Adobe Air application that puts kid-friendly apps on computers. Parents can install security controls so their offspring can surf the internet in a safe and protected environment.

The round was led by ORIX Ventures, a Dallas-based venture capital firm that focuses its investments on mid- and late-stage companies. This is Fuhu’s fourth round of funding. The company last received $15 million in 2011 from the Foxconn Technology Group and Kingston Digital, Inc. Its total investment stands at $32.75 million.

Fuhu is headquartered in El Segundo, Calif.