Ginger Software has completed an extended round of funding for its language recognition software that helps users master English as a second language.

Plenty of computer services are out there that teach the semantic elements of English and help with commonly used phrases. Where these products often fall short is with context and proofreading. Ginger attempts to bridge this gap using its own Natural Language Processing platform.

By referencing billions of sentences on the web and seeking out linguistic patterns, Ginger can provide guidance for non-native speakers on the most contextually appropriate way to express their intended meaning. Users input text into the program and the software will correct any grammatical or contextual errors.

Before sending an email or asking a question on a phone call, users can make sure their intended words are accurate. Or they can use the tool to figure out the meaning of received communication. If a business partner draws a metaphor, Ginger will help explain what that metaphor means.

It is geared towards the billions of people who use English as a second language and need help communicating like a native speaker. The service not only corrects mistakes but also helps people learn from them and improve their fluency.

The company was founded by Israeli entrepreneur Yael Karov in 2007. It received $6.3 million in a Series D in February. This additional $5.4 million means Ginger has received almost $21 million in total investment, with $5 million of this round coming from Li Ka-shing’s Horizon Ventures and Harbor Pacific Capital, as well as $400,000 from current investors.