Rockstar Games has been in a sharing mood this week. The company has released another handful of new screenshots for the immensely anticipated Grand Theft Auto V, which essentially went dark after an unexpected trailer reveal last November.

The latest screens show off a set of “Leisure” activities such as parachuting, tennis, and motocross, as well as a set of “Transport” options, including an exotic sports car and a fighter jet. Given the dated feel of graphics from unreleased triple-A titles this year (Assassin’s Creed III, for example, who insist the hardware has been maxed), Grand Theft Auto V almost looks to good to believe.

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Rockstar has given no release date at this time, and very few details, even regarding plot and the main character, are known. Analysts have predicted the game could release as early as this holiday season, but it’s more likely coming out by March of next year.