Assassin's Creed 3: Behind the scenes

The Assassin’s Creed YouTube page posted the first part in a series of videos looking at the making of Assassin’s Creed 3.

This little documentary not only gives us a glimpse at developer Ubisoft Montreal but it also explains the background of The Revolutionary War (you may have heard of it) and Connor, the half-Native American, half-British hero of the game. We also see interviews with war historians, who explain the unique brutality of America’s fight for independence.

Of course, it’s got plenty of stunning gameplay footage, if that’s more your thing.

Here are just a few interesting facts we learned from the behind-the-scenes look at Assassin’s Creed 3:

  • Over five studios from around the world are working on the game.
  • It has over 30 hours of gameplay and 2.5 hours of¬†cinematics.
  • Connor’s real name, Ratonhnhak√©:ton, means “a life that is scratched,” referring to his struggle to survive.

You can watch the entire video below.