Sometimes, buzzwords translate into dollars. Millions of dollars.

“Big data” company CloudPhysics rolled on to the bright sky of the tech scene today, blown by $2.5 million and a powerful wind of technical jargon.

Founder John Blumenthal said his company “combines big data analytics with deep insight into virtualization and resource management to simplify and automate virtualized datacenters.”

Ding ding ding ding ding!

What this means is for those of us on Earth is that the company creates tools that analyze how virtualized data centers function. Database virtualization spreads out where data is stored, over multiple systems, platforms, and locations, but it allows users to access all of it centrally.

Virtualization has been a hot trend in the IT world because it can provide a more efficient, scaleable, and reliable alternative to other structures of servers, networks, storage, and data. Companies that use a virtualized datacenter may be interested in learning how the virtualization affects their operations.

CloudPhysics provides just such insight.

This service will officially debut in San Francisco on Monday at VMWorld, a global conference on virtualization and cloud computing.

It’s funded by Mayfield Fund and angel investors.