Cosmic Colony

The traditional gift for a one-year anniversary is “paper.” Preferring something a little more space colony management-themed, Gameloft will instead celebrate a year with their New Orleans studio (their second in North America) by releasing a new iOS and Android game called Cosmic Colony.

Cosmic Colony is the first title to come out of Gameloft New Orleans, and it’s the latest in the ever-expanding genre of FarmVille-style games where you build and manage real estate of some sort and then wait for things to happen/pay real money to make things happen sooner. Unlike those other FarmVille-style games, this one was made by people who live in Louisiana and features a minigame where you have to fight off space pirates.

Also, fans of Louisiana’s government will be thrilled to hear that the state’s governor, Republican Bobby Jindal, has released a statement congratulating Gameloft on this new release and the studio’s anniversary: “Gameloft’s work in our state shows that Louisiana is becoming a beacon for the digital media industry, and, most importantly, it shows we are diversifying our economy in order to create more opportunities for our people to pursue their dreams here at home.”

That’s the sort of attitude you don’t normally see out of the usual jaded and cynical governors in this country (who probably wouldn’t care about mobile games under developement in their state), so congratulations Gameloft and Louisiana.

Cosmic Colony is available now on the iTunes App Store and on Google Play for free.