Google Plus Hangouts Political Conventions

Google’s getting political this year; the company is bringing all the drama, dirt, and hyperbole of the Democratic and Republican national conventions directly to you in a series of wonky Google+ hangouts.

Not “wonky” in the sense that they won’t work well; “wonky” in the D.C. sense that they’ll be full of deep-diving policy and political nerding-out, enough of it to drive the average couch potato mad.

“We’re looking forward to making this year’s conventions the most interactive ever,” wrote a Googler on the Google Politics, Elections, and Public Sector Team on the company blog.

Representatives of both political parties and organizers for the conventions will be chatting in these hangouts with journalists from the best-known media outlets in the U.S., including The New York Times, NBC, CNN, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, and even our digital brethren and sistren over at Huffington Post.

“In addition to these hangouts with top Google+ [media] partners, we’ll have a few surprises up our sleeves to give you never-before-seen access to the conventions,” the Google blog continues. “Stay tuned for more in the coming days as things heat up in Tampa and Charlotte!”

In the meantime, Google is maintaining an active Google+ page for the upcoming elections, YouTube’s got its own elections hub, and the search giant also has a news-filled, nonsocial Google elections hub for those who’d like to observe the fall games without too much commentary from the peanut gallery — err, we mean the electorate.