If we were emotionally invested in our work*, this week would have been an emotional roller-coaster**.

Here’s what’s up:

  • People are still totally unclear on the Twitter API changes coming up. What does it all meeean?
  • Actually-quite-cool gaming company OnLive went belly-up, and our own Dean Takahashi had courtside seats for the whole sad debacle.
  • Apple and Samsung finally got around to closing arguments in their you-copied-us-no-you-copied-first patent battle.
  • Judge Lucy Koh, however, became the tech world’s new Judge Judy for her witticisms in an otherwise dry debate.
  • On a lighter note, we tracked down three engineers-turned-toymakers who are creating math-and-science-teaching dollhouses for young girls.
  • Finally, some good news! From space! The Curiosity rover meets all our requirements for adorability and impressive Martian cinema and photography, beaming back new images this week.
  • In other badass space news, the Voyager mission celebrated 35 years of exploration and still going strong, emerging into the unknown: interstellar space. Wooo!
  • Finally, Apple is building a new kind of store in Palo Alto, Calif. The boss suspects it’ll hold an all-new Apple TV, but at this point, we’re hoping for more space robots. Everyone else is doing it.

Thanks for tuning in, and please tell your friends to watch VB Weekly. And to floss.

*Kidding! Of course we are. What, you think we do this for the Twitter followers?

**It was. We’re exhausted.