Google announced updated Google Play developer policies earlier this month, which clarified the company’s stance on things like app spam, duplicate apps, and mobile ad implementation.

The Google Play changes, set to go into effect on September 1, have now been translated into a useful infographic (below) by the ad company Leadbolt.

Ultimately, the new policies will make life more difficult for spammers and malicious developers, and it should make Google Play a safer environment for average consumers. That’s a good thing, as Google’s Android store has felt like the Wild West at times, especially compared to the more heavily curated iOS App Store or even the Windows Phone Marketplace. Hopefully, the new rules will lead to fewer instances of Android malware (which admittedly have been drastically reduced this year).

It’s also nice to see Google being clearer about the Google Play policies. We’ve heard from one developer who was baffled why Google banned their app from Google Play, so hopefully the new rules will lead to less confusion.