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Because you can’t listen to just one, BYOT is back with its second episode. This week, our guests have one thing in common: They are all funny. Funny and profane. The two things they have in common are that they are funny and profane…and they make a lot of jokes about penises. Hang on…the three things they have in common are that they are funny, profane, and make jokes about penises…and they work in the video game industry. The four…no…amongst the things they have in common…amongst their commonalities are being funny, profane…I’ll try again.

The guests this time around are‘s eponymous Seanbaby,‘s Jeff Reitman, and Betable‘s Sheila Bryson. WARNING: They make a lot of crude jokes, which is something that happens when you get three comedians in a room together. It’s actually the top-secret Fifth Law of Thermodynamics.

This episode’s topics:

  • Does Kickstarter suck?
  • If you had a time machine, which game genre would you eliminate from history?
  • What would a social Facebook game based on your life be like?

Extra reading: 5 Hit Points with the makers of You Don’t Know Jack (as mentioned in one of the trivia segments).

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