Chinese hardware manufacturer Hisense is the latest to partner with Google on a Google TV set-top box, which was officially announced today.

The device, called the Hisense Pulse, will run the second version of Android-based Google TV software, and offer all the same content access of other GTV-enabled boxes, such as YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, and other apps via the Google Play store. The Pulse will feature a $99 price, which is similar to Vizio’s $99 CoStar box.

The Hisense Pulse device itself is expected to be unveiled during IFA Germany next week, with the device available to consumers in mid-November from select retailers.

The box’s remote is pretty full-featured, with a built-in touchpad and dedicated Netflix button on one side (like you’d find for some Roku boxes). The other side features a QWERTY keyboard.

Hisense is the fifth company currently partnering with Google on a GTV device. The others are Sony, LG, Vizio, and Samsung. Google, however, says it working with other partners, whose devices will be announced later this year.