Elementalists quickly adapt to new threats by harnessing the power of the elements as needed. When elementalists attune to any of the four elements, it changes the abilities they can use accordingly.

Elementalists can inflict scorching damage on multiple enemies by turning the ground to fire, raining down molten rock from the skies, and more.

By harnessing wind and lightning, elementalists can target specific foes with focused, high-damage attacks.

Elementalists can chill their foes with ice and rejuvenate their allies with water.

Elementalists can cause the ground under their feet to come to their aid, turn flesh to stone, destabilize foes with seismic shocks, or trigger volcanic eruptions.

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Profession Galleries

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Character Creation Galleries

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Human M – Human F – Norn M – Norn F – Sylvari M – Sylvari F

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