Life Force

Life force is a special type of energy used only by necromancers. Once they reach a certain life-force threshold, necromancers can activate Death Shroud, entering a spirit form and leaving their body behind. Each weapon set has skills that give necromancers life force, and they gain an even larger amount of life force for kills that take place nearby. Special skills, such as Ghost Armor, build up life force, improve armor, and add life force every time necromancers take damage.

Death Shroud
Death Shroud is a special ability that utilizes necromancers’ life force as a secondary health bar. Necromancers can activate the Death Shroud ability and assume a spectral form, which has its own special skills, such as Doom. When cast, Doom sends the target fleeing in fear.

Necromancers summon undead minions to attack foes and do their bidding. Whenever they wish, necromancers can sacrifice their minions for a powerful spell effect. Necromancers can use the skill Summon Blood Fiend to create a minion that heals them while they attack, then use the skill Taste of Death to destroy the minion and receive a large amount of health.

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