Special Skills

Rangers adventure with their pets, fierce animal companions who fight at their side. Rangers can have up to two pets at their call, and they can switch between the two animals during combat.

Rangers can command their pets to attack specific targets; assign their pets a behavior mode, such as “passive” or “active”; and activate the special skill that is distinct to each pet type.

To recruit a pet, rangers charm juvenile animals in the wild such as giant flightless birds, loyal dogs, fierce monsters, and even undersea creatures like sharks.

Rangers can punish enemies who dare approach them with traps, which they place on the ground nearby. Traps remain active as long as rangers stay nearby or until an enemy triggers it. One of these is the Spike Trap, which cripples and bleeds opponents that pass through it.

Rangers can summon spirits of nature to their side during a battle. These powerful spirits influence the area around it. A Sun Spirit grants additional fire damage to any allied attacks within range.

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Profession Galleries

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Character Creation Galleries

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