The Art of Journey

Some games are so pretty that they need to make a book about it. Such is the case with Thatgamecompany’s exploration-focused adventure title Journey.

Sony is collaborating with the developer to commemorate Journey’s evocative visual style in a new art book that will release in September. The game’s original art director, Matt Nava, is writing and designing what the team has dubbed The Art of Journey.

Nava littered the tome with pre-production character design, early location sketches, and many works of fan art produced by people who love the game. Additionally, Sony is working with a company call Daqri to produce an augmented reality companion app for the book.

Fans can point their tablets at certain pages to see fully rendered 3D manifestations of in-game models using Darqi’s 4D platform.

After releasing Flow and Flower, Thatgame company had its biggest success when Journey became the fastest-selling title on the PlayStation Network service.

Beginning August 28, Sony will begin selling Journey Collector’s Edition, which will collect all three of Thatgamecompany’s titles on a Blu-ray disc. This is the first time that Flow, Flower, or Journey will ever be available on a piece of physical media. Journey Collector’s Edition will be available at retail for $29.99.

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