Image of a Sony optical drive

Sony’s ongoing efforts to cut expenses may soon claim a new victim.

The Asahi Shimbun reports that Sony is on the verge of shuttering its optical drive division, Sony Optiarc Inc. If true, the move would mark Sony’s departure from a market in which it has a roughly 10 percent stake.

Considering the current mobile landscape, Sony’s decision isn’t very surprising. Optical drives have, on the whole, become less important as the media industry shifts to devices like tablets and services like Netflix and iTunes. And when it comes to physical media, Sony has largely shifted its attention to its Blu-ray drives.

Simply put — there’s not as much money in creating optical drives as there once was.

The report comes only a four days after Sony announced that it is moving its Sony Mobile headquarters and cutting 1,000 jobs from the division. Likewise, in March, Sony sold its chemical business to the Development Bank of Japan. Sony’s motive with all of these moves is simple: Return the company to profitability.

But the process hasn’t been a cheap one. Sony anticipates it will spent almost $1 billion on the restructuring before the job is complete.

Photo: Flickr/yoppy