Monkeypaw Games, a studio known for bringing older Japanese games to digital distribution services like the PlayStation Network (and for developing the recent BurgerTime reboot), has announced a small batch of classic PlayStation games that will be available for download on the PlayStation Vita starting Tuesday.

The list includes action role-playing gameĀ Alundra, mech-based RPG Vanguard Bandits, and tactical RPGs Arc the Lad and Arc the Lad II. Then there’s Tomba!, which isn’t so much an RPG as it is a caveman simulator where you pick up evil pigs and throw them at other evil pigs. It’s essentially Anthropology: The Game.

While the five games were already downloadable on PlayStation 3 and PSP, tomorrow’s Vita system update will finally introduce compatibility for them on Sony’s latest handheld. A new way to play an old game is always good, so if your Vita has been desperate for attention, you can’t do much better than a few games you might have played 15 years ago.