Adapt or die, I guess. Former employees of Zipper Interactive, a studio best known for the hardcore multiplayer shooter series SOCOM, have reunited to make casual mobile games.

Principal technical artist David Kern and studio art director Russ Phillips founded their new studio, called Nobodinos (pronounced “nobody knows”), shortly after Sony closed Zipper Interactive back in April, according to Games Industry International.

“Eventually, we may get back to the big console titles,” the two told Games Industry International. “But for now we are focused on creating some casual and mobile games.”

The studio is looking to crowdfunding site Kickstarter to help get its first game, Bottom Feeders, afloat. The title is a casual game designed for Facebook and mobile devices.

“Making the transition from shooting bad guys and plucking hostages from the pit of despair to tossing out a crabbing net to catch little critters from the sea may sound like a leap,” says the game’s Kickstarter page. “But this is exactly what Russ Phillips and David Kern of Nobodinos has done.”

The developer is looking for $225,000 to fund its game, with a target release date around January 2013.