Facebook isn’t waiting for the Instagram deal to close to give its users more to do with their photos. The social network updated¬†Facebook Camera, the social network’s homegrown version of Instagram, today with additional functionality.

Version 1.1 of the Facebook Camera for iPhone app now allows photo-takers to upload their captures to specific Facebook albums, and includes a “News” tab for notifications on photo comments, tags, and “likes.”

The release also includes bug fixes and makes the application accessible to non-English speakers. The app now supports 10 additional languages such as French, German, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, and Spanish.

The relatively minor update comes just days after Facebook released a major upgrade to its fully featured iOS application. The new version of Camera also makes its debut following the FTC’s blessing of the social network’s purchase of Instagram (the deal is still pending final close), which has more than 80 million users and is far more popular than the three-month-old Camera app.

Photo credit: fiduz/Flickr