Game Roulette

SDP Games, a development studio created in 2005 by Laurent Benadiba to help finish the action-adventure L.A. Noire, has launched a new Android app today that decides what you’ll play next.

Available for free on Google Play, Game Roulette randomly picks from the virtual entertainment on your device, making up your mind for you. Other options let users create a custom selection of their favorites or take a bonus spin for a chance at the jackpot. It sounds like a silly-but-fun way to overcome the occasional boredom of choosing from your collection — almost becoming a game in itself.

“When you start the app you have 50 spins for free,” the company told us. “Then you can enable a banner ad to have automatic and free spins, Tapjoy incentives, AdColony, Facebook, or to purchase more spins. There is also a bonus roulette that gives free spins. The jackpot is 50 free spins!”

Players can exclude games from the roulette or find new ones.

“There is a ‘new’ cell that allows you to discover a new game every day — one that you don’t have on your phone,” said SDP Games. “The presented new game is selected with Tapjoy.”

Game Roulette takes up less than 1MB of space and only requires users to connect to the Internet once. And it’s certainly easier than reciting “eeny, meeny, miny, moe.”