Apple has confirmed that it will offer a live stream of concerts from its iTunes Festival 2012.

The iTunes Festival is an annual music event that Apple holds over 30 days. This year’s event features musical performances by the likes of Usher, Deadmau5, Jack White, Muse, Alicia Keys, and more. Usually, the company raffles off tickets to each night of the shows, but this year it’s doing considerably more.

Apple is launching an iTunes Festival app for Apple TV, iOS, and of course the web, as you can see from the screenshot above. The company is even plugging the use of watching the event on your television via the combination of iOS app and the Airplay feature, which requires an Apple TV.

The move is similar to what Google has done in the past, by making popular concerts like Bonnaroo, Vivid Live, and Coachella live streaming through YouTube. However, this is a bit different in Apple’s case. Since Apple isn’t known for its live streaming of media, part of me wonders if this move is part of a larger picture.

Via MacRumors