Clarence Bodiker famously once said, “Guns, guns, guns!” But had he lived in Tamriel circa 4E 201, he’d probably have said “Fus, ro, dah!” instead. And so, to kick off our series of favorite mods for the Steam version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, we’re focusing on some of the coolest spell, Shout, and weapon add-ons inspired by other games and movies.

This particular entry is all about Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings weaponry available to the Dovahkiin thanks to some talented modders.

The two mods showcased below are Lord Haun’s Magicka Sabers and LOTR Weapons by Isilmeriel.

Magicka Sabers

Lightsabers in Skyrim is already cool enough, but Lord Haun took it several steps further and provided an extremely detailed offering of lightsabers from across the entire Star Wars universe. The attention to detail in re-creating each character’s distinct lightsaber is absolutely remarkable.

LOTR Weapons

If you want to crack skulls with the Witch King’s flail or end a young adventurer’s career early with a few arrows from Legolas’ bow, this mod has what you’re looking for. The only notable weapon missing is Sting, Frodo’s glowing shortsword. But mod-maker Isilmeriel promises it’s on the way.

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