Employees, not only are you being heard, you’re being tracked and analyzed, too! Following in Yammer‘s footsteps, a business intelligence startup is integrating with Salesforce to monitor office conversations on enterprise social network, Chatter.

Indicee, a Vancouver-based company, lets Chatter users gain insight into office chat, track interactions, highlight influential contributors, and identify trends within the Salesforce user dashboard. To get started, download the Indicee Analytics app on Salesforce’s AppExchange.

The announcement is no surprise, given that Yammer (one of Chatter’s stiffest competitors) recently integrated with sentiment analysis tool, Kanjoya to unveil key influencers, and measure a range of employee emotions.

Indicee chief executive Mark Cunningham said that sentiment analysis is just one piece of what business intelligence can offer. “The sentiment stuff is cool to talk about,” he said. “More important is adoption…is anyone actually using this damn thing?” Using the Indice app, users can measure the success of their Chatter implementation. In an attempt to one-up Yammer, Indice also pulls in data from external sources like Twitter.

“Chatter is still new, but social analytics will be the new way employees talk to each other,” Indicee vice president of product management Bruce Bancroft told DestinationCRM. “Are salespeople reaching out to the right organizations? Are we delivering products fast enough?” he asked. “Showing employers who’s using Chatter is only the beginning.”

Launched in 2010, Chatter is still young, and this is the first integration with a business intelligence provider. Bancroft, admitted that the company is still “testing the waters” with this integration. It’s free for now, but Indicee will be rolling out a premium version at the end of the year.

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