Dailymotion redesign

The world’s second largest video site Dailymotion is rolling out some brand new user interface options for its website design today to enhance content discovery and improve the overall experience.

Dailymotion, which brings in 110 unique visitors per month, now allows its users to choose from two different site layouts. The first displays a wall of video thumbnails that looks much like Pinterest, letting you quickly scan through for things that catch your eye. The site sees tons of video uploads every day (over 20,000), so this might be a good option for casual or bored users looking for something new to watch. The second layout features a more traditional feed-style view, which lets you examine each video more closely while scrolling down the page.

Instead of using pagination to see new content, both new layouts feature “endless scrolling” that automatically loads new video content upon scrolling down. Both layouts also let you play a video directly from the new layout, however, you still have the option of clicking through to a single page featuring a specific video.

Giving users a choice for how they view the site on a regular basis might be an attractive option. Hulu also recently refreshed its website to focus more on content, but didn’t leave much room for customization, the company notes. YouTube has also experimented with new site layouts in the past, with mixed results from its massive user base and few layout options.

As for discovery, the videos presented will still be customized based on your favorite genres, channels, etc. as well as input from social networks like Twitter and Facebook’s Timeline.

Checkout some screenshots of the new Dailymotion layouts below, and let us know what you think in the comment section.