Location analytics company Placed is bringing its technology to mobile websites, allowing you to see where your mobile web visitors are physically located when accessing your site. The company also just clocked in 1 billion location data marks in less than 60 days since its launch.

Placed’s tech was previously only available for iOS and Android apps, but the move to mobile web will open it up an even wider audience of publishers. Placed not only collects valuable location data, it also cleans up the noise to figure the data that actually matters to you. So if a news site learned that their readers often read from coffee houses, they could use that data when determining advertisers and content.

Placed wowed the judges at our MobileBeat Innovation Competition in San Francisco last month and ended up beating out four other mobile infrastructure companies to win the coveted Tesla prize. The company also announced today that it has added Jeff Lanctot, the chief marketing officer of the ad agency Razorfish, to its advisory board.

“We chose mobile web as our next platform because mobile site owners have been requesting the same level of insights as app developers,” said Placed founder and CEO David Shim in a statement today. “Additionally, the early adopters of Placed Analytics are also the same developers embracing HTML5 as an alternative to native app development.”

Map pins photo via Shutterstock