Apple logo eating HTC logo

With the decisive legal butt-kicking that Apple handed smartphone rival Samsung, you’d think other companies would be in a mad rush to settle with the iPhone maker.

But not HTC. Chairwoman Cher Wang told reporters Tuesday that her company has no intention to settle its ongoing patent disputes with Apple. “Every company has good innovations,” she said.

Among those companies with innovation probably isn’t Samsung, which was found to have willfully infringed on six of Apple’s patents last week.

Wang’s comments are a bit of a turnaround from those of HTC chief financial officer Winston Yung, who last year said that HTC was open to patent talks with Apple. The comment came days after Apple won a patent suit over HTC and weeks before HTC turned around and sued Apple back.

But it’s Apple that has done the most damage. Earlier this year, HTC was hit with some high-profile problems over its One X and Evo 4G LTE phones, which were delayed by U.S. Customs over investigations into whether they infringed on Apple’s patents. HTC even blamed some of its second quarter losses on the import delay.

But despite the damage, HTC  does have ground to stand on. While Samsung copied seemingly every move from the Apple playbook, HTC has been a bit more sensible and hasn’t shown any of the overt patent infringement that’s been commonplace with Samsung. So Cher’s thinking is likely this: Why settle when we actually have a case to defend ourselves?

We reached out to HTC on the matter, and, predictably, it had little to say: “HTC has no comment at this time,” said a company spokesperson.