AT&T has taken a cue from Apple and Microsoft and is focusing on its retail strategy, opening a glossy new flagship store this Saturday in Chicago.

The store is a showplace for AT&T to flaunt the best tablets, smartphones, and other devices it supports, all in a wide-open, bright, colorful space where customers can browse, lounge, and learn.

“Our Michigan Avenue store is where customers can immerse themselves in everything AT&T is about and truly explore the technology we have to offer,” said the carrier’s president of retail sales and service, Paul Roth, in a statement on the store opening.

“AT&T is about delivering innovation that makes a difference in our customers’ daily lives. All of that will be ready for customers to experience at our flagship store.”

Here’s a clip the company made to introduce its new store:

AT&T already has around 2,300 retail stores around the U.S., but the company says that in addition to showing off its phones and tablets, the new megastore will also give customers a sense of what AT&T plans to do in the future, from home automation to onboard software for cars.

The store will also include an “apps bar,” a “lifestyle boutique” featuring products for different consumer profiles (business folks, health nuts, social media types, etc.), and a gallery of accessories designed by local artists.

Here’s how it’ll all fit together:

New ATT Store

“Customers will not only be able to interact with and purchase our products, but they will also experience the forefront of evolving wireless technology and see how AT&T is leading it,” said Roth.