Thanks to a partnership with deal-savvy startup StackSocial, VentureBeat is launching a new VentureBeat Store today.

As you may recall, we first wrote about StackSocial in July after the startup secured a $800,000 round of funding from 500 Startups and others. The company provides a white-label daily deals-like online store for news publications to place within their website, which features a number of hand-picked, tech-oriented deals (software bundles, tutorials, select hardware, etc.) that appeal to the publication’s audience. For example, the current featured deal is a Paradox Watch kit that transforms your iPod Nano into a sleek wrist watch.

Sales run for about 14 days, and three to four new deals get added every week. Both StackSocial and VentureBeat take a cut of every sale, with emphasis on us making money so we can continue running our awesome website. [Disclosure: VentureBeat makes money off of the VentureBeat-branded store, which you probably already deduced because all of our readers are Sherlock-level sleuths.]

Each deal contains its own separate page with the regular retail price, the discounted percentage, and final price. There’s lots of info explaining what you’re getting, why its useful, video tutorials, reviews, customer comments, etc. — your basic product page. Even if you don’t see anything you’d like to buy on the page (or don’t enjoy saving money on useful stuff), the VB Store also contains separate tabs for giveaways and free stuff. For instance, we have a great deal with 99designs that can save you money on any of your design needs. We also have discounts for services like Help Scout, a customer support management tool, as well as cool freebies like WordPress themes and GarageBand tutorials. To take advantage of any deal, all you have to do is create a StackSocial account or log in using Facebook.

We’re all excited that the store is live. Go check it out and let us know what you think.