Jyoti Bansal, CEO, AppDynamics

AppDynamics is one of the growing number of startups in the piping-hot application performance management (APM) space. AppDynamics monitors a company’s apps and diagnoses problems when they arise. Bansal began the San Francisco-based startup in his mid-20s and convinced companies like Netflix and Williams Sonoma to be its first customers. Now at 34, Bansal has brought over $36 million in venture capital financing to the company coffers. 

VentureBeat: Why is the enterprise such a hot space?

Jyoti Bansal: We are at a very historical moment in enterprise software space. As Marc Andreessen says, “Software is eating the world.” Software is not just helping the enterprises these days run their back office –software is becoming their life blood. Enterprises have to innovate and differentiate on software now to stay relevant.

VentureBeat: Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?
Bansal: I simply wanted to make a big difference. I have always loved building things.


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VentureBeat: Why does consumer tech get the lion’s share of the attention?

Bansal: I think it is primarily because consumer tech companies have more brand recognition. Even though enterprise technologies may be the key enablers for many of these consumer technologies, most people won’t know about them. But enterprise software can touch and impact as many or even more users than consumer software!