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AntiSec has your number — literally.

The hacker group today leaked a database of 1 million Apple Unique Device Identifiers (UDID), which it says was snatched from an FBI-owned laptop breached via a Java vulnerability.

While Unique Device Identifiers can’t be used for very much alone, AntiSec says it also has access to information like usernames, phone numbers, and addresses. And, if true, that could be a big problem.

In all, AntiSec claims it’s got its hands on 12 million UDIDs but did not leak the majority of them. “We decided a million would be enough to release,” the group said in a post accompanying the data.

The hackers say they leaked the information in order to draw attention to the FBI, which the group claims has used the data to track U.S. citizens.

Curious to see if your UDID is a part of the leak? The Next Web has created a tool to allow iOS users to search the leaked database. But it’s important to note that even if your device isn’t listed in this batch, it could still be among the remaning 11 million.

We’ve reached out to Apple for comment and will update when the company responds.