Marketers are funneling money into maintaining social presences, building social apps, and creating sponsored ad campaigns. But where’s the proof that any of these modern tactics actually work?

Adobe believes it can provide the answers marketers need with Adobe Social, a social marketing product released to customers for the first time today. The product was first announced in late March.

Adobe Social is an all-in-one product for marketing teams that includes social media engagement tools, listening mechanisms, and business analytics. Marketers can buy, plan, target, measure, and optimize their social campaigns. They can also use Adobe Social to build their own Facebook apps (Adobe is a Facebook-preferred developer), zero in on their most influential socialites, and view a customer’s journey from “like” or follow to buy.

The ad buying and campaign optimization features come courtesy of Context Optional, the social technology Adobe acquired from Efficient Frontier. Adobe Social is integrated with the company’s existing Digital Marketing Suite.

Meeting report image via Shutterstock