Ultramodern. Sexy. Uncompromising.

No, I am not talking about Angelina Jolie. I am referring to FuzeBox, a real-time video conferencing application. Today, the company is announcing the debut of Ignite 2.0, an updated toolkit that it asserts has model-like qualities, as well as being simple to learn and easy to use.

FuzeBox enables enterprise professionals to conduct high-resolution, real-time meetings where all participants’ screens are synched from anywhere, no matter the device. There is also a suite of tools available, like zoom and laser-pointer, and the ability to include presentations, graphics, videos, audio, and documents in the meeting.

The company strives to recreate real life meetings as closely as possible in a web environment.

The new collection of APIs will enable its customers to integrate FuzeBox services into their existing applications and systems. Integrations include Microsoft LYNC, Box, SAP, and Yammer. Users will be able to seamlessly pull information from these sources and share them during a meeting.

The new toolkit also includes features like a direct billing and chargeback system, deployment without needing to install servers or software, a single log-in, and data analytics to assess the effectiveness of meetings. FuzeBox is releasing an enhanced set of training programs, client services, and technical support as well.

By further enabling all enterprise data to be introduced into real-time video streaming, FuzeBox continues on its mission to fuse the physical and online worlds, at least when it comes to business meetings.

This update comes just six weeks after FuzeBox announced raising $21 million in its first round of financing. The company currently powers 78,000 meetings a day in 122 countries and 10 different languages.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to video conference with Angelina Jolie, but who knows what the future will bring?