Photoshop Wars

Ever since man first learned to walk upright and use the computer to make funny pictures, there have been competitions where people try to make the most humorous scenes. Then man discovered sharpened sticks and started to kill each other with them. But now, those two classic hobbies have found a way to come together in an upcoming game called Photoshop Wars.

Coming this November, Photoshop Wars is a website that will allow users to take part in image-editing competitions. One player will pick a title for the battle (the promotional video, posted below, suggests “The llamas are taking over!”) and then send a challenge to one of their Facebook friends (or any other Photoshop Wars user). Both combatants will then use an image-editing program of their choice to create a picture that best captures whatever the pre-decided title was, at which point they will submit their entries to the Photoshop Wars community. Whichever image receives the most votes will determine the winner. The victor gets experience points that go toward earning new ranks and special profile badges, effectively turning the average Photoshop competition into something more akin to the multiplayer mode in a Call of Duty game.

The two Iceland-based developers, who call themselves The Bluth Company, are hoping to raise $15,000 with crowdfunding site Indiegogo to pay for a better hosting service, new equipment, and the opportunity to work on Photoshop Wars full-time.

While the game hasn’t launched yet, future Photoshop Warriors can go to the official site and sign up to receive updates and more information on the upcoming beta.

In the spirit of the game and Photoshop competitions in general, I have created my own entry for “The llamas are taking over.” I’m pretty sure it would win.

Mitt Llomney believes in Llamerica