Ever since former Googler Marissa Mayer took over as Yahoo’s CEO, we’ve been waiting to see who she puts on her executive team, with the latest addition being a new head of HR.

Jacqueline Reses will assume the position of executive vice president of people and development for the company, which is responsible for leading human resources and talent acquisition as well as corporate and global business development. The position was previously held by longtime HR head David Windley, who departed the company last month.

“We are very excited to have Jackie join the Yahoo! team, leading our efforts around finding and retaining the best talent,”Mayer said in a statement. “Jackie brings two decades of uniquely applicable operational experience around structuring organizations, programs, and strategies to build world-class teams in media and technology.”

Reses previously worked as head of Apax Partners’ U.S. media group, former CEO of iBuilding Inc., and had a seven-year stint with Goldman Sachs. Reses will officially join the company Sept. 7 and report directly to Mayer.

Last week Mayer named former Lockerz CEO Kathy Savitt as Yahoo’s CMO, but a few key positions are left to fill on the company’s executive team.