The federal judge in the Oracle v. Google trial has ordered that Oracle cough up $1.13 million in court fees after Google prevailed in the case.

“Google was the prevailing party in this action,” Judge William Alsup wrote. “Oracle initially sought six billion dollars in damages and injunctive relief but recovered nothing after nearly two years of litigation and six weeks of trial.”

Oracle is on the hook for the cost of court-appointed expert Dr. James Kearl. Google actually wanted Oracle to pay $4,030,669 in total costs, but the judge only approved about $1 million of those fees.

On another interesting note, Alsup has stopped trying to find more paid bloggers and commentators in the case. Oracle admitted that it had paid FOSSPatents’ Florian Mueller as a consultant. Oracle said Mueller was not retained to write about the case itself.

“The Court takes this opportunity to state that it will take no further action regarding the subject of payments by the litigants to commentators and journalists and reassures both sides that no commentary has in any way influenced the Court’s orders and ruling herein save and except for any treatise or article expressly cited in an order or ruling,” Alsup wrote.

You can take a look at the court fees filing in more detail below.

Court gavel on cash via zimmytws/Shutterstock