Everybody needs love. Yes, even fictional characters. But where do our favorite heroes and villains from gaming go when they’re looking to find a special someone? Hey, this is the digital age! They’d go to a dating site, of course! A place where gaming characters could search for their soul mates.

Well, such a place could look something like Extra Hearts, our made-up dating site for fictional, digital people. Are you still with me? Good. Today, we’re peeking at Princess Peach’s profile. She’s best known as Mario’s perpetual damsel in distress, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t on the lookout for some…well, less “rotund” action.

Extra Hearts: Peach

Likes: Baking cakes! I also enjoy golf, tennis, and kart racing.

Dislikes: Meanies >:( Banana peels. Brown-haired copy cats. Guy who can’t take no for an answer.

Political affiliation: Vote for Peach! Teehee. Just kidding :p The Mushroom Kingdom is not a democracy.

Faith: I pray to a giant star in the sky. I also believe that babies are delivered by storks. I know because one time my friend was dropped by one and went on a crazy adventure with dinosaurs to save his brother.

Six things I could never do without: My toad servants, my frying pan, my go kart, my castle filled with magical portraits, turnips, and the color pink!!

You should message me if: You know how to treat me like a princess :) :) :)


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