Killzone HD

If you missed the original Killzone back in 2004 and have spent the last eight years praying for a chance to play it in glorious high-definition, your wait will be over soon. Today on the Official PlayStation Blog, Sony announced their next multi-game PlayStation 3 collection: The Killzone Trilogy.

Maintaining a pattern established by releasing HD remakes of all of their other popular franchises that began on the PlayStation 2, the Killzone Trilogy will feature an updated version of the original game with 720p graphics and Trophy support, as well as Killzones 2 and 3 and all the multiplayer map packs that Sony released for the two games. Plus, if you already have the sequels (or refuse to own them for some reason), the first game will be available as a separate download on the PlayStation Network.

The collection’s box art (which you can see below) proudly touts PlayStation Move and 3D TV compatibility, but it isn’t clear if that refers to all three games or only Killzone 3 (which already supported Move and 3D). We’ve reached out to Sony for clarification but have not yet received a response.

I’ve also asked Sony whether or not the Killzone Trilogy will allow Remote Play on PS Vita (like the God of War and Shadow Of The Colossus/Ico collections) and will update this story when we have an answer.

What we do know is that the Killzone Trilogy Collection will be available for the PlayStation 3 on October 23 for $39.99. For more information, check out the Official PlayStation Blog’s announcement, which also contains a trailer showcasing the franchise’s history of rousing space Nazi rallies.

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