Thunder Wolves

Thunder Wolves has no time for drama or pathos. As the debut trailer makes abundantly clear, Ubisoft’s upcoming shooter is mainly looking to mix its distinct sense of humor in with a healthy amount of explosions.

Announced today for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and PC, the helicopter shooter wastes no time trotting out old standbys like, “Get to the ‘choppa!” But it’s fairly extensive list of features suggests that it may have some appeal beyond action diehards.

Among the promised features are a large range of offensive and defensive weapons, multiple mission types, and two-player co-op. Also included are recon, support, and attack-type helicopters, with eight machines available in all.

Hungary-based studio Most Wanted, which is mainly known for its tower-defense title Defenders of Ardania, is developing Thunder Wolves. Up until this point, it has mostly stuck with strategy and puzzle games. The Nintendo DS title B Team: Metal Cartoon Squad is one of the company’s few pure action titles.

Most Wanted’s game joins a selection of Ubisoft titles that includes a new Call of Juarez and Spartacus Legends (which Dean previews here), all of which look to push the traditional bounds of digital platforms with advanced 3D graphics and a substantial number of features. All three are slated for release in Q1 2013.