Last week we unveiled the new VentureBeat Store. This week, we’ve got a roundup of four of our favorites from the VB Store — and there’s plenty more where these came from.

Help Scout:
For anyone that’s worked in customer support, the frustration felt on both sides of the line during a customer support is all too familiar. That’s where Help Scout comes in. The service Help Scout offers is the software equivalent of aspirin, as it’ll cure headaches for you and the customer alike. By keeping a complete record of communications with your customers, progress tracking reports, and allowing the addition of private internal notes — which would only be used for positive or informative commentary, of course — Help Scout helps all ends of customer satisfaction. The service would normally cost $75 a month, but you canĀ get a three month subscription for $30.

World’s Finest Universal In-Car Mount from NKMOS:
If you’re on the road and have your smartphone in your pocket, there is always a possibility you’re missing important communication. This usually leads to repeated pointless check-ups on your mobile device while you’re driving, which isn’t only a waste of time but also ilegal in 10 states. Keep your business in your peripheral and your focus on the road with theĀ World’s Finest Universal In-Car Mount from NKMOS. This gem kicks off our Kickstarter series, and we couldn’t be more confident in the mounts ability to live up to its audacious name. The $110 mount is only $74 through our Store.

SEOmoz Pro:
Walk into any coffee shop, art house, or open mic night and you’re almost guaranteed to find an artist that is just hoping to be discovered. Unfortunately, there’s one thing they’re all missing: A Search Engine Optimization package that will direct traffic to their web presence (as well as talent, in some cases). While we can’t help with the actual talent, we do have a deal on SEOmoz Pro, one of the industry staples in SEO mastery. Three months of the service usually runs $300, but you can get it for 67 percent off — a mere $99.

99 Designs:
Nothing draws the eyes to something quite like a vibrant visual. The problem with trying to get the perfect design work does is that every artist has their own interpretation of an idea. Let those conceptual interpretations compete for your attention with 99 Designs, a crowdsource solution to the graphic design conundrum. Give a description of what you’re looking for and let artists from all over the world offer up their best take. You can save over 70 percent on the service through our store, where you will pay just $40 for $140 of crowdsourced design solutions.

Those are just a few of the current offers that are running in the Store. There are new ones added all the time so there will never be a shortage of great services and products for you to snag up at discounted costs. Don’t abuse your refresh button, but do keep checking back for new sales.