threadless loves minecraft

The T-shirt company Threadless is giving Minecraft fans a chance to win $3,000 and a trip to Minecon (the annual Minecraft convention) by designing a shirt inspired by the game.

The Threadless Loves Minecraft contest is open from now until September 28. The company’s staff and a rep from Mojang (the studio behind Minecraft) will select three winners, who each receive the aforementioned $3,000 and all-expense paid trip to Minecon (at Disneyland Paris in November) as well as a $500 Threadless gift certificate. Shirts bearing the three winning designs will also be available at the convention and on Threadless in January.

You can preview all of the entries at the contest’s official page, where you can also vote on them. Threadless could still print other designs that receive enough of a positive response.

Prospective T-shirt crafters will have to come up with particularly clever ideas, as Threadless specifically forbids logos of any sort, and official Minecraft merchandise is already common on sites like Think Geek and Jinx. Fortunately for anyone who needs inspiration, Threadless has hosted several video game-themed contests in the past and you can still look through them and see what other people created when they had inspiration from titles like BioShock, Parappa The Rapper, and LocoRoco.

For more information and instructions on how to enter the contest, check out the page on