Zynga’s chief marketing officer Jeff Karp has resigned from the social gaming company. The departure is the latest in a series of high-profile executive departures at Zynga since it posted weak earnings last quarter.

A veteran of Electronic Arts, Karp joined the company a year ago and reported to John Schappert, a former EA executive himself and then Zynga’s chief operating officer.

It’s no surprise Karp is leaving, since Schappert resigned as chief operating officer from Zynga after founder Mark Pincus reorganized the company.

Zynga said in a statement, “Jeff Karp is leaving Zynga, and the groups in his organization have been realigned under appropriate existing divisions. Our marketing and revenue teams have always been industry leaders, and as we continue our transition toward mobile and multiplatform game creation and distribution, their continued execution will be key to our future success. We are grateful to Jeff for his contributions over the last year and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

Zynga has suffered a number of executive departures. Allan Leinwand, one of the company’s chief technology officers, also left his post in charge of infrastructure recently, and Zynga confirmed that today. A number of game general managers have also left the company.