Popular web hosting company GoDaddy has restored most of it services after a member of hacker collective Anonymous attacked the site.

On Twitter, GoDaddy said that most of its customer-hosted sites were back online following the attack:


I can confirm that my own personal site is back online after being taken down during the outage.

A seemingly high-ranking member of Anonymous, Anonymous Own3r, claimed responsibility for the attack that took down countless sites. GoDaddy’s DNS servers were taken offline for several hours on Monday. Anonymous Own3r said this was not an attack made on Anonymous’ behalf, and it is just from a single member.

GoDaddy indicated that the takedown was isolated to just a denial-of-service attack and that customer data was not compromised..

“All services are restored and at no time was sensitive customer information, such as credit card data, passwords, names, addresses, ever compromised,” GoDaddy spokeswoman Elizabeth Driscoll told CNET.

GoDaddy illustration: Sean Ludwig/VentureBeat