Hulu Plus on PS3

Hulu has rolled out a brand new version of its Hulu Plus app for PlayStation 3 owners, the company announced today.

The PS3 Hulu app, which initially launched two years ago, provides the streaming video service’s brand new “living room” viewing experience. Hopefully, that means less clicking through navigation and more quality viewing time.

Similar to Hulu’s recent website redesign, the PS3 Hulu Plus app arranges videos in specific “trays” that are based on your favorite shows, your viewing history, and the most popular content across the site. The overall navigation seems much cleaner like the company’s new online presence, with enhancements to choosing episodes of a show and seeing where you left off within each video. The app update also includes simplified video controls and new search functionality.

The updated Hulu Plus app is available now via PlayStation’s “TV/Video Services.” But just like with other versions of the app, you do need an $8 monthly subscription to view any of the content.