Stitcher Radio

Streaming service Stitcher Radio is trying to save you from moments of no connectivity and expensive overage charges from your wireless carrier.

How? Through Stitcher new offline listening mode, which the company just launched today for its iOS apps.

The Stitcher apps already consume a small amount of data, at 0.2MB per minute, but now you can download thousands of radio shows to your iPod/iPhone/iPad to listen offline at your convenience.

Stitcher’s in-app programming includes tons of stuff you actually might want to listen to, such as NPR’s Fresh Air, CNN News, Chelsea Lately, Marc Maron, Fox Sports, and its new Election Center station.

And for the unobservant folks who just want to save their precious data, the apps are set to automatically download new shows regardless of the connection — so, it’s probably a good idea to go in and set it to only pull updates when you’re on a Wi-Fi connection rather than 3G.

The app update also includes enhanced Facebook sharing features, AirPlay functionality, and a new comment system. The update is available for free today via Apple’s App Store.

Will you be using Stitcher more now that it has an offline mode? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.