Man, when I was a kid, all we got for Halloween was candy.

Plants vs. Zombies maker PopCap Games and the American Dental Association (ADA) have announced a campaign called Stop Zombie Mouth that aims to promote healthy teeth in children.

Zombie Mouth is a condition that affects children and adults who eat too many sugary sweets and don’t take proper care of their teeth. It’s not pretty, scares off potential dates, and can lead to very bad breath.

The campaign kicks off today and continues through Halloween. It will offer Plants vs. Zombies-themed alternatives to candy, the traditional treat.


Above: PopCap and ADA’s promotional poster for the Stop Zombie Mouth Campaign

Free copies of the game, trading cards, and other PvZ goodies are available for persons interested in handing them out for Halloween. Many of these items will include tips for keeping teeth healthy. They feature several of the current PvZ characters as well as some of the new ones created specifically for the Stop Zombie Mouth campaign.

Parents planning on handing out PvZ gear can grab redeemable coupon codes for the PC and Mac versions of the game through participating ADA member dentists or through www.stopzombiemouth.com.

In a press release issued by PopCap, ADA president Dr. William Calnon said, “Tooth decay is five times more prevalent than asthma and results in more than 51 million hours of missed school each year. Diet plays an important role in oral health. Too much sugar can lead to cavities down the road, which is why the ADA is proud to team up with PopCap on the ‘Stop Zombie Mouth’ campaign.”

PopCap cofounder and franchise studio director John Vechey said, “We at PopCap have been interested in the potential for video games to provide benefits beyond entertainment for many years,” adding that the company is proud to be “highlighting yet another positive effect that games can have on society.”