Learning to code is overwhelming. As with any daunting task, it can be difficult to know where to start. Learning code is like dieting: Under all the gimmicks and claims is a core formula to success that requires hard work and determination. Once you get this simple principle, you can achieve sustainable, real progress in your goals. Code is similar to dieting in that you really can’t take any shortcuts.

That’s why we’ve put together¬†comprehensive coding bootcamp bundle. Don’t let the title deter you. The “bootcamp” is as strenuous as the student desires. Keep in mind the bundle covers coding instruction for websites, iOS games, iOS apps, Ruby on Rails, PS6, and more, so your options are plentiful and completely up to you. Six different courses combine for hundreds of lectures and over 70 hours of curriculum. Don’t fret, though; each lecture is brief, with essential aspects to the courses respective coding language allowing you to move at your own speed, honing in specific skills. I know online education has its skeptics. I love traditional classrooms, too, but learning at your pace and convenience makes online courses extraordinary educational tools.

Each of the professors have impressive credentials, experiencing immense levels of success in their area of programming expertise. Computers have only been prevalent for two decades, making standards for teaching code nearly invisible in comparison to the liberal arts. Your coding professors were and are at the forefront of this new age art. Not only are these some of the first to learn code, but they’re also among the first to discover its nuances, making them ideal candidates to get you up and running. Don’t hesitate to learn more about them under the “read more” button on the Learn To Code Bootcamp sale page.

This is a serious bargain for anyone interested in learning to code. If one coding language is not working for you, feel free try another without the financial repercussions. For less than the price of one community college course, you can’t go wrong!