Black Mesa

At the end of August, publisher Valve launched Steam Greenlight, a system in which community members vote on the indie games they want to see for sale on the digital-distribution service. Today, we know the first batch of games to make it through the process.

The headliner of this group is Black Mesa, a fan-developed remake of the original Half-Life that has been in development since 2004. While Valve hasn’t announced when any of the Greenlight games will be available, Black Mesa’s developers recently said that it would available for free on Friday, so you’ll finally be able to play it this week either way.

Joining Black Mesa on the list is McPixel, which was given away for free by its developer over the weekend in a special promotional deal with infamous file-sharing website The Pirate Bay; as well as Routine and Dream, two games that Bitmob’s Rus McLaughlin said were worthy of your support.

Valve expects to announce the next batch of greenlit games soon, and with hundreds of hopeful projects in the running already, there will be plenty to sift through.

You can check out the full list of 10 titles below:

  • Black Mesa: Fan-developed remake of Half-Life.
  • Cry of Fear: Survival horror first-person shooter, featuring co-op play.
  • Dream: Nonlinear story-based game with multiple endings, focused on exploration.
  • Heroes & Generals: FPS crossed with a strategy game; you can control the battle on PC or mobile devices.
  • Kenshi: Squad-based cross between real-time strategy and a role-playing game.
  • McPixel: Irreverent WarioWare-esque puzzles.
  • No More Room in Hell: Zombie shooter inspired by the films of George Romero.
  • Project Zomboid: Sandbox-style zombie survival game in which you’re left to make your own story.
  • Routine: Survival horror game set on a retro-futuristic moon base.
  • Towns: Instead of adventuring into the dungeon, you manage the town next to it.

You can find more information on all of them at the official Greenlight page.